Kommende og igangværende projekter til indsamling af midler

JoyRon Foundation continues to work on various Fund Raising Initiative Projects in addition to just organising events to raise funds. Our two main projects a Corporate Annual Donation Program and the Annual Publication of the JoyRon Diversity of Mallorca Calendar.


Due to various reasons the New Corporate Annual Donation Program was not fully launched in 2022 as planned. However that being said the marketing of the initiative will very shortly be coordinated by our new Corporate Fund Raising Advisory Associate Cher van Reevan in consultation with our Founder President.


For 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022, JoyRon has produced a Diversity of Mallorca Calendar. The calendar is a celebration of this beautiful island, showcasing the multitude of activities, services and products the island has to offer, set of course against the backdrop of this beautiful island in the western Mediterranean. The calendar is produced on A3 plus size top quality paper and printed to a high standard. The calendar is in both English and Spanish languages and records the UK holidays and main Spanish holidays. All this makes the calendar, one of the very best available and most certainly extremely good value for the money.

The 2023 calendar is now available, 100% of the proceeds received being for the support of “Children in Need in the Balearics”. This year as in past years all the proceeds received for the calendar will be used to purchase Christmas/Three Kings gifts for the Children in the Children’s Homes in Mallorca, which represents some 350 to 400 children.

The calendar makes an ideal Christmastime gift for corporate clients, friends or family members back home, depicting the various scenes of our wonderful island of Mallorca. It comes shrink wrapped or can be supplied ready boxed for postage. For those who wish to purchase a volume of calendars as gifts for clients or family we are able to offer various rates of discount.

  • Individual calendars are euro 15.00 each.
  • whilst a box of 30 is priced at a discount price of euro 375.00 ( euro 12.50 per calendar).
  • whilst a purchase of two boxes 60 calendars in total are priced at the discounted price of euro 600.00 (euro 10.00 per calendar).

Any private or individual or company interested in purchasing a quantity of calendars should send a pre-order request by e-mail to info@joyronfoundation.org.

The 2023 calendar(s) are available for immediate purchase/delivery.