Platinum Event Sponsorship


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One time event sponsorship euro 2,000.00

this level of sponsorship allows the sponsor to receive free the following during a 12 month period:

  • Promotion on the event menu card if and as applicable.
  • Promotion on the event display screen if and as applicable.
  • Promotion on the event photocall if and as applicable.
  • Promotion on any event poster, press or radio marketing material if and as applicable.
  • Be present at the event to display their roll-up banner and have a small marketing display table in the foyer area of the event.
  • If acceptable to the sponsor, the corporation or small business becomes a collaborating partner to the foundation and we agree to the exchange of our company logos to be placed on each other’s website, for a two year period.
  • See our icon tab Corporate and Collaborating Partners

Make your payment with card payment or IBAN transfer in the module below.