The JoyRon Foundation wishes to thank the E-Touch Group of Companies for their on-going support. E-Touch is a group of companies that specialise in all aspects of electrical and electronics within the yachting sector. E-Touch Systems is the first and primary company in the group and specialises in anything electrical, ranging from power management, alarm systems and monitoring to all power distribution and control systems. E-Touch Lighting is the second company that specialises in all manner of lighting supply, design and control. Lighting being one of the most complex systems on a vessel these days, that highlights the quality in all areas, and brings the vessel to life. E-Touch NavCom is the third addition to the ETS group and specialises in all bridge, navigation and communications. All vessels require a certain degree of all the aspects noted above. Hence, it is imperative that utmost importance is given, to ensure the right level of safety is assigned to the vessel. All the personnel at ETNC are highly trained with many years of experience in this field. Deep Data is the fourth addition to the group and completes the 4 corners of the electrical and electronic jigsaw puzzle with the addition of full AVIT supply and installation, this includes TV, Wi-Fi, computer networks and a full movie and music packages. The E-Touch group of companies have been operational since 2013 and during that time have developed a wealth of experience and knowledge. In addition, all of the services above, bring turnkey solutions to the yachting industry.

Contact details:
Address: E-Touch Systems, STP – Global Building – Office #3, Muele Viejo
Espigon Exterior, Palma de Mallorca 07012

Office Phone: +34 971 597 439