Community Service On-going Programs

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When Children Need It Most

Over and above our attention to serve any specific need that is identified to Help a Child in Need in the Baleares. We have as already mentioned the program to identify any specific “Build Project” to-date we have completed three such projects. In addition we also have a number of internal programs in process detailed herewith, that assist us on-going to assist the Children in Need.


Collection of Children’s Clothes and Toys

The collection of Children’s QUALITY second hand Clothes and Toys has and still is an on-going program started some three years ago by our collaboration with Nice Price Supermarket. Nice Price supports the foundation by acting as a collection point for receiving from the general public and other charity associations, new and quality second hand children’s clothes and toys. These items are checked sorted and repackaged into age groups by our volunteers and then distributed to various children’s homes and individual children in need. It is estimated that on average in excess of 600 kilos of such items are distributed each year.

In addition to our initial collection point at Nice Price, we are now also able to receive such clothes and toys at our new JoyRon Centre located at Calle Asival 6, 07011, Palma located in Can Valero.

Gifts to the Mallorca Children´s Homes

Annually the Foundation together with its volunteers are ongoing collecting and purchasing gifts for the children in need, be they in a Children’s Home, in Hospital or part of a family in need of support. Most years we are spending between 12-15.000€ on gifts. Some of these gifts, are individual, and some are “Jumbo” gifts for a specific home.

JoyRon Foundation Group in North Mallorca

The JoyRon Foundation has significantly grown since its inauguration. It was planned in 2020 for the Foundation to have some representative teams in place throughout the Balearics. Just as Covid-19 commenced we had planned to open the first team to be in North of Mallorca, to focus on the region and replicate much of the work already achieved in the south west of the island. However, our plans had to be put on hold and thereby delayed, until now. We have identified our lead person in Alcudia, North Mallorca to initiate this initiative Victoria Mogildea.  It is intended, to identify a number of committed company owners, managers and private people who have a strong desire to network and build a North of Mallorca sub unit, under the umbrella of JoyRon Foundation, as an extension of the work already undertaken within the foundation in the South West of the island. If you are interested to be part of this team in North Mallorca, please feel free to sign up as one of our volunteers or company sponsors by directly contacting, Victoria Mogildea Aguirre email: phone: +34 666 726 989

Grant a Wish Program

The Foundation has in place a “Grant a Wish” program for Children in Need. A couple of examples of such wishes that we have undertaken are as follows.

Under our “Grant a Wish” program we identified a young Spanish boy Carlos Franco a seriously ill child with an inoperable and incurable  brain tumour. His wish was to visit Euro Disneyland Paris. So JoyRon Foundation organised flights, transfer to and from airport to Euro Disney, plus accommodation in the EuroDisney Park, including entrance to the park areas and all food  for a five day stay for Carlos plus his mother and father.

A further example of our “Grant a Wish” program in operation was when we were requested to finance the expense of sending a young Spanish boy Andre, almost deaf and extremely poorly sighted to attend a specialised week’s summer camp in Barcelona with his mother and carer, so that he could experience the ability of socialising with others and having some fun.

Children Helping Children in Need Program

The foundation has also designed and implemented an internal program that encourages Children helping Children in Need. Inter-acting and working with a number of schools in Mallorca, developing the awareness of local children in need and thereby encouraging the schools and their pupils to be aware of and thereby further their charitable support for those children who are less fortunate and in need.