Community Service Build Projects Planned

As outlined on our “Identify, Finance, Build and Donate Program” webpage, we are always very keen to plan and manage projects that involve the building of a facility that provides an on-going facility that not only supports the Children in Need of today but also supports the Children in Need in the FUTURE.

Up until the latter part of 2020, the foundation was anticipating that it would be undertaking a project to finance the building of a new Children’s Home in Mallorca, subject of course to planning permission.

Unfortunately due to circumstances that arose outside of the control of the foundation, the project has been put on hold until at least 2022 at the earliest. In the meantime, as we move towards some level, hopefully of environmental normalisation, the JoyRon Foundation will be seeking to identify an alternative “Build Project” that the foundation can accomplish.

Unless of course in the meantime the original new Children’s Home in Mallorca becomes a viable project and is placed back on the table for further consideration. Especially as the building plans have already been prepared and agreed in principle.