To all our friends and family,

We are touched and honored that you will be joining us to celebrate our joint birthday celebration. 
Most importantly, it is your presence with us in Mallorca, rather than presents, that we are looking forward to most.

We are extremely thankful to be able to say that we truly don’t “need” anything, except the continued support of our family and friends.

However, if you feel compelled to send us a token, please consider donating to this Mallorca based charity of our choice, Joyron Foundation.
Details of which are below.

Many thanks,

Brenda & Zubin

By clicking on the following button, read:

Helping children in the Baleares, by the raising of funds, that will be applied to bring levels of joy, comfort and essential support to the children in need.

By clicking on the following button view the Video of one of their latest project:

Rest assure the Foundation is in a position to ensure every euro raised is 100% for the benefit of the Children.

When making donation payment please quote name of donator  plus “Irani Celebration”.

For additional information, if required see