Since August 2015, we have led the effort to bring a new sense of hope to the children in need within the Balearics.

We have been at the forefront of fundraising for children in need.

JoyRon Foundation seeks to help and protect the Balearics most vulnerable children.


Our Mission

The objective and purpose of the JoyRon Foundation`s regular events, raffles and day - to - day fundraising is to help children in need within the Balearic Islands, by raising the funds that will be applied to bring levels of joy, provide degrees of comfort and give essential support to the children in need. It is the desire of this foundation to help and contribute to the quality of life for the most vulnerable and sick children.

The Focus of The JoyRon Foundation is the identifying and helping of:

  • Children exposed to violence, exploitation, deprivation or abuse.

  • Children suffering from hunger and living in poverty.

  • Children orphaned, fostered or in care.

  • Seriously ill children/children with life threatening illness.
    (In addition, if they are in need of special moments within their lives that they can cherish, identify within our “Grant a Wish Program” how such a wish can come true).

Our longer term objective and fundraising target is to support the viability and development of a "Children`s Hospice" type facility on the Island of Mallorca for children with life threatening illness, which at the same time will improve the emotional and psychological support to the impacted family members.

What We have Achieved from August 2015

  • From August 2015 to December raised some 65,000 € plus, from various fund raising events and donations. (including, Sponsored Walks, Country and Western Night, Carols by Candlelight and Christmas Boutique Market, Charity Shop stall at various markets and general donations).
  • Collection of Christmas Gifts and distribution direct to Children in Need on the island.
  • Collection of Quality Second Hand Children´s clothes and toys and then distribution direct to the Children in Need on the island.
  • Completed the financing of a new enclosed swimming pool facility including changing room facilities for ASPACE in Bunyola,  a School and Day Centre for sufferers of cerebral palsy. Such facility now allows the cerebral palsy sufferer´s to receive regular and essential Aqua Therapy. 
  • Implemented "Grant a Wish" program for Children in Need. One of such wishes, being the sending of a Spanish boy with inoperable, incurable brain tumour to Euro Disneyland Paris together with his parents. Other similar initiatives within the program are being actioned.
  • Designed and implemented a program "Children helping Children in Need". Woking with a number of schools in Mallorca, developing the awareness of local children in need and thereby, encouraging and working with the schools to further their charitable support for those in need.
  • The local tv station IB3 selected JoyRon Foundation as their nominated charity of the month, for the month of April 2017.
  • Implementation of a tiered level of membership to the foundation, Ambassador membership, Advisory Associate membership and Amigo (friend)  level. All such membership providing varying degrees of support to the foundation.
  • Design of a periodic JoyRon Newsletter is underway, first edition targeted to be published in April 2017.
  • The launching of a Business Forum within the foundation scheduled for 28th Aril 2017.
  •  Appointment of Spanish Tax Accountant for the foundation from August 2015.
  • Working ongoing with Councils and Government Officials in the Baleares in order to identify together specific and additional requirements of "Children in Need"
  • Obtained two will bequests in favour of the foundation.