Here's a sampling of the current ongoing projects and some of the past projects that we have undertaken and completed.

  •  Now that we have just completed the financing of the ASPACE swimming pool project (see below), we will be reviewing a number of incoming project initiatives, in order to identify a meaningful main tangible project to undertake going forward. In the meantime we continue to support the children in need in the Baleares by undertaking initiatives under our Grant a Wish program and supporting the homeless and orphaned children and those living in poverty.    

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Cinema Facility for the two Children Wards (General and Pallative Care) within Son Espases General Hospital, Mallorca

Provision of a children´s cinema facility with Son Espases Mallorca. initial discussions have taken place to provide a cinema facility for the two paediatric care wards within Son Espases. Hospital Mallorca. Thereby allowing the sick children the opportunity to relax in a congenial atmosphere and enjoy together with their parents a few hours entertainment. Full details of this initiative are in process of being finalised for Son Espases management approval.

Sample of some completed projects

During  2016 and first quarter 2017 JoyRon Foundation raised a significant sum of money from fund raising events and corporate/individuals donations to finance the construction of a new swimming pool for the use of Children in Mallorca suffering from Cerebral Palsy.  Fundacion JoyRon with the guidance of its own architect (who provided his services free of charge) worked in collaboration with ASPACE Balearics, the Cerebral Palsy Association of the Balearic Islands and their architect. ASPACE is  a private non-profit organisation which provides a School and a Day Care Centre service for Cerebral Palsy sufferers.
The aim of the project initiative was to maximize the capabilities of people with cerebral palsy in their physical, emotional, cognitive and psychosocial aspects. Hence the need for a swimming pool was considered essential, especially when we consider the Aqua therapy benefits for children with Cerebral Palsy are numerous.

  • Encourages a wider range of muscular movement.
  • Provides resistance
  • Alleviates stress and tension
  • Reduces pain and tension in muscles and joints
  • Protects against injury
  • Improves cardiovascular conditioning since the heart pumps more blood per beat when body is submerged in water
  • Decreases post exercise discomfort.

Although traditional physical therapy can be immensely effective in helping children with Cerebral Palsy to move, water has the added benefit of hydrating, oxygenating and revitalising the body’s musculoskeletal system. Gravitational pull is released, and weightlessness qualities are achieved. Range of movement increases and repetition, stretching and balancing is more sustainable. Additionally, the viscosity of the water provides an excellent source of resistance, which can be incorporated into an aquatic therapy program. For instance, walking in water provides more than 10 times more resistance than walking on land, which means an aquatic therapy patient receives the benefit of deep, intense exercises while in a soothing and comforting environment.

For these reasons, we at Fundacion JoyRon are delighted to advise the Swimming Pool complex was formally opened on 23rd March 2017 (see photos herewith). We are further delighted that ASPACE decided to name the facility The JoyRon Aquatic Centre.

Comments Received – Amazing Job – Making a lot of children very happy, - A Brilliant Achievement, - Fantastic Work, - Looks a wonderful complex,
— Quotes received from various people

Under our “Grant a Wish” program in 2016, we identified a young Spanish boy Carlos Franco a seriously ill child with an inoperable and incurable brain tumour. His wish was to visit Euro Disneyland Paris.  So JoyRon Foundation organised flights, transfer to and from airport to Euro Disney, plus accommodation in the Euro Disney Park, including entrance to the park areas and all food for a five day stay for Carlos plus his mother and father. (see photos herewith).

Ronald is a gentleman with a great heart, Founder and President of JoyRon Foundation, devotes his time and resources to grant a new sense of hope when children most need it” Thanks to Ronald and his friend Rafael, our son Carlos has made his dream come true to visit Euro Disneyland Paris with us”
“When we were telling our friends, there was a lovely and great man providing our son Carlos and ourselves a trip to Euro Disney within his JoyRon Foundation’s “Grant a Wish” program, they could not believe us...”
— Stated by the parents of Carlos Franco: Juan de Dios Franco and María Elena Diana

At Christmas time JoyRon Foundation encourages the general public to donate presents to the home for Homeless, Orphaned and Children in Care. This year our President dressed as Father Christmas took over 100 presents to the home (many of the presents donated plus others provided by Fundacion JoyRon) and together with a number of volunteers from JoyRon these presents were distributed to the children. (see photos herewith).

All JoyRon volunteers involved, found the event extremely emotional , but at the same time an enjoyable occasion, especially when seeing the happiness in the faces of the children when receiving their presents.
— Comments made by all JoyRon vounteers involved