1) Make a free donation (no conditions attached) in exchange for a Spanish Tax Deductible Certificate

In Spain donations to a charity can be tax deductible. If the charity is recognised as an official charitable body then you are allowed to deduct some 25% plus of your total donations from your tax bill i.e. your tax bill is directly reduced – provided it is not a deduction from taxable income. One condition is that you must produce a certificate from the charity concerned showing that the donation was made.

Fundacion JoyRon (JoyRon Foundation) is registered to produce Tax Deductible Donation Certificates for Spanish Tax Payers (both individuals and companies). At this point in time we issue such certificates, when requested by the donator on any donation(s) amounting to 250€ or more within the same tax year. JoyRon Foundation is currently considering to apply to be able to do the same for UK and German tax payers (individuals and companies). Any enquiries or requests for Tax Deductible Donation Certificates should be sent by e-mail to info@joyronfoundation.org


2) Sponsor one of our Fund Raising Events.

Charitable Fundraising events provide a great opportunity for JoyRon Foundation to bring in funds to our foundation, whilst also raising awareness of our cause. However, organising an event also costs money to produce, as well as resources to manage all the details. Hence, there are a number of hard-costs required to produce an event. To help offset these costs, your company may wish to consider sponsoring a particular charitable fund raising event.

We appreciate that some local businesses often look for opportunities to give-back to their community. The wonderful thing about fundraising event sponsorships, is that not only do the sponsoring companies receive tax benefits (as their sponsorship fee is considered a donation), but they also can receive exposure through presence at the event. This in turn allows the sponsoring company, to reach out to new potential customers, and receive free publicity through media coverage.

Here at JoyRon Foundation, in return for any company sponsorship we are willing to consider using monies raised from the event, to be used for a specific charitable cause, requested by the sponser, provided it is for the overall benefit of Children in Need within the Baleares. Any company interested in sponsoring a Fund Raising event in the name of JoyRon Foundation please contact us on info@joyronfoundation.org


3) Become an Ambassador or an Advisory Associate or an Amigo (friend) of the Foundation.

Consider supporting the foundation by becoming an Ambassador of the foundation, such requires your corporate entity or you as individual to make a monetary free donation to the foundation (annually whilst you are an Ambassador). Although such donation is considered a free donation, Fundacion JoyRon will invite your corporate entity or yourself as an individual   to periodic “Business Forum” lunch meetings and at various appropriate JoyRon events during the year your corporate entity will be invited if you so wish to market/promote itself.  

Alternatively why not become an Advisory Associate and thereby provide a specific skill set that you may have, to assist the foundation in achieving its objectives. Such skill set maybe just your willingness to assist in the organising of fund raising events. The principle requirement to be an Advisory Associate is your willingness to provide some of your time (not necessarily an excessive amount) to assist the foundation.

Lastly, if you consider either of the above, are more than you wish to give, why not just be an Amigo (friend) to the foundation and support the foundation by spreading the word of what the foundation is achieving and hopefully from time to time attending some of the events organised by the foundation.

Irrespective of whether you are an Ambassador, an Advisory Associate or an Amigo by providing your e-mail address to info@joyronfoundation.org we will ensure that you will receive our periodic newsletter, that will keep you informed of our events and charitable support that we provide to “Children in need in the Baleares” 


4) Provide Raffle Prizes and/or Items to Auction for our events thereby assisting us in raising money for the charitable causes that we support.

Second only to direct financial donations from individuals and companies, JoyRon Foundation relies on coordinating various fund raising events to generate funds for the charitable causes it supports. Therefore the foundation is always in need of companies or individuals who are willing to donate raffle prizes and items that can be auctioned. If you are a company or individual, that would be willing to donate such items to the foundation from time to time. Please let us know. Our e-mail is info@joyronfoundation.org

5) Motivate and Encourage Children to help Children in Need.

The JoyRon Foundation has set up a program entitled “Children Helping Children in Need”. Thereby, providing an opportunity for local children to support/sponsor disadvantaged children at a local level. With the assistance of a classroom teacher, group leader, or other facilitator (maybe even a parent), children can be introduced encouraged and motivated to the idea of sponsorship/raising funds for the benefit of children in need. We recognise that initially there may be a challenge of acceptance to be overcome.

Hence, JoyRon Foundation is keen to work with our youth, be it in schools, churches, and other community groups in order to assist and work with them to participate in fund raising projects that will improve life for children in need. Our youth are great at generating new ideas for fund-raising and creating an action plan in order to support/participate in a charity that focuses on helping children in need. Thereby making a one-time or regular donation/gift contribution to the charity be it financial, a service, or goods. Such charitable work, helps our children of today become leaders in the future.

Herewith, is a recent story of how three young girls on their own initiative contributed to the charitable funds of JoyRon Foundation. Three young girls by the names of Oria, Llappa and Eva celebrated their 8th birthday with the rest of their school year. The girls decided not to wish for presents,  but instead collected money for the JoyRon Foundation (supporting sick children in the Balearics). They actually managed to collect € 120.55. Pretty good we think. Since then the young girl Eva has raised a further € 460.00 on her own. We think it’s a nice little story and very generous of the girls, and hopefully also inspirational for other children.

6) Sponsor a specific “Grant a Wish” for a child with a life threatening illness/condition.

JoyRon Foundation operates a “Grant a Wish“ program for children between the ages of 4 and 16 who are suffering from a life - threatening illness/condition.

To be considered, for such a wish, the child must be resident in the Balearics and should be able to make their own request for his or her wish. There is no request limitation, but the request should be realistic and not unreasonable. Some examples of their possible wishes, can include,  but not limited to, trip to a theme park, a boat trip, a helicopter ride, attend a football match, some aspect of travel, a purchase of a specific item, meeting a celebrity. etc,etc.

If you would like to sponsor a child with a life-threatening illness condition, under our “Grant a Wish” program, please send an e-mail to info@joyronfoundation.org advising how much you would like to sponsor and if you wish to place any specific conditions of your sponsorship. If you would like to refer a child with a life threatening illness condition to receive a specific wish under our “Grant a Wish” program please send an e-mail to info@joyronfoundation.org advising details about the child, name, age, sex, and illness/condition. We will then do our very best to grant the wish either from our general funds, or by an incoming sponsor offer. To view a recent report on an eleven year old Palma based boy who has an inoperable incurable brain tumour and was granted his wish, please go to our “projects” page on this website.

7)  Celebrate Christmas or your Birthday by asking for gifts or cash for the Children in lieu of presents for yourself.

When asking for guests to a Birthday or Christmas party or other celebration event, to part with their cash, you can be sure that your guests will want to be told how it is intended to use the money. It is therefore always best to clearly state where and for what cause the money will be donated to.

Charitable donations as a Birthday/Christmas or Wedding present can very much be a popular way to share some of your good fortune with those in need.

Herewith is a recent story of a Spanish gentleman on his 40th birthday, asked his guests attending his party celebration to donate cash instead of buying him birthday presents. He advised his guests that he wanted the money to go to JoyRon Foundation to support a project that they were undertaking to build a swimming pool at a school and day care centre for children with Cerebral Palsy. The result was that the foundation received  € 2,750.00.

8) Organise your own Fundraising Event for the benefit of JoyRon Foundation.

If you as an individual or a company would like to consider organising your own fund raising event for the benefit of the JoyRon Foundation and thereby to bring some joy, comfort and/or support to a child or children in the Baleares who are in need, then please do so.

The foundation will ensure that all monies donated are 100% passed onto and spent effectively to the children in need. We check and ensure the money is fully used for the benefit of the child/children. If you or the company require any assistance in the event organisation then one or more of our volunteer advisory associates are available to assist if needed. If you wish to discuss any such initiative then please send e-mail to info@joyronfoundation.org

9) Join a Foundation Team Event or Complete an Independent Challenge.

Often participating in a team event encourages one to complete the task together with the assistance of others. In addition any personal independent challenge proves to be easier to accomplish if it is sponsored.

· As with most fund raising events, get mobile for charity–enter a fun run, walk, or bike ride event and have family, friends and colleagues sponsor you. Why not join the Fundacion JoyRon team of walkers who participate in the annual Palma to Lluc walk, usually the first Saturday in August every year.

· Undertake a personal challenge and be sponsored

-       weight loss, give up chocolate or give up smoking, or learn a new skill.

· Hold a talent quest or karaoke night

-       Challenge your friends to perform by sponsoring their talent together with others

Contact us at info@joyronfoundation.org if you wish to be part of a fund raising team event or take on an independent challenge for the benefit of children in need in the Baleares.

10)  Raise funds in memory of a loved one by requesting cash donations or purchase of presents for Children in Need rather than receive flowers at a funeral.  

“Fundraising in memory” is an increasingly popular procedure to ask for donations to a worthwhile charity instead of funeral flowers. You can of course have a cash collection at the funeral service. A funeral director will almost certainly oblige, if asked to organise this, and send the money to the chosen charity. However, almost certainly much more money can be raised and therefore more achieved, if people are requested to donate direct to a fundraising website or direct to the selected charitable cause. It generates far less emotion and gives more privacy when the donation is a transfer payment and not cash. It can also have far more impact if the donations are wrapped gifts for local children in need. If anyone has the desire to exercise “Fundraising in Memory” either as a monetary donation or as a donation of wrapped gifts for local children in need please contact JoyRon Foundation by e-mail at info@joyronfoundation.org

Privacy and discretion is assured.

11)  Make a Will bequest in favour of Fundacion JoyRon.

For a variety of reasons, individuals are often not able to give as generously during their lives as they might like. Leaving a gift in one ́s will is a great way to support the vital work of a charity, especially if the charity is for a cause that you have always wanted to support, but were unable to. Charities play a vital role in filling the gaps that governments and society have overlooked.

By leaving a percentage of your estate, or a sum of money or other assets to a charity, such as Fundacion JoyRon, in your will you will be positively affecting the lives of a number of children in need within the Baleares, who would otherwise remain wanting.

Should you decide to make a will bequest/gift to our foundation, regardless of the size, it will be gratefully received by Fundacion JoyRon and the children in need that will benefit.

If you decide to make a will bequest/gift in favour of Fundacion JoyRon please feel free to contact us by e-mail at info@joyronfoundation.org with any questions that you may have.

 12)  Finally of course, attend one or many of the events organised or involving our Foundation. 

As with most fund raising events the more people attending normally results in additional money being raised for the charitable cause behind the event and in addition the more well known the foundation becomes. The key to maximising the attendance to any event is to get notice of the event to those who might wish to attend. Therefore if you would like to know about our future events why not become a “JoyRon Supporter” (as an Ambassador, or an Advisory Associate,  or just as an Amigo –Friend see item 3 above).

What does this mean We will keep you informed of all upcoming events by sending you an advisory e-mail and/or periodic newsletter via e-mail. Your e-mail address will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone. If you would like to become a “JoyRon Supporter” please send your e-mail address to info@joyronfoundation.org requesting that you are added to the JoyRon Supporter database.